Embrace the Cosmic Currency



Welcome to X-BASE, where the universe is our playground

Driven by the excitement of space exploration, we're more than just a project; we're a community. Just as the stars connect to form galaxies, we connect innovative minds from across the digital universe.

At X-BASE, we believe in the power of teamwork, imagination, and the limitless potential of blockchain. We've created a space where people like you come together to share ideas, learn from one another, and ignite creativity. Here, collaboration meets opportunity, and every voice adds to our shared journey into the future.

Join us at X-BASE. Together, we're not just reaching for the stars; we're redefining what's possible.

Join the X-BASE Journey

Sending $XBASE to unexplored galaxies is the heart of X-BASE's community-driven mission. Together, we're not just dreaming of the stars; we're reaching them through active participation in various projects, initiatives, events, and more. To be part of this galactic journey, all you need is to join us and spread the word about X-BASE.

The tokenomics of X-BASE were carefully crafted by our founding visionaries to reward the community for their contributions and dedication. The fundamental principle of our tokenomics is to structure incentives in a way that entirely benefits the loyal holders of $XBASE. A 5% entry charge is ultimately channeled back to you through buybacks, reflections, or increased liquidity. With X-BASE, rest assured that every fraction of tax is engineered to fortify our community as a whole.

The initial liquidity for X-BASE was provided by our creators, setting the foundation for a universe of opportunity, collaboration, and growth. Join our celestial adventure where every member is a key player on our infinite journey.

Let's soar together with X-BASE!

How to Buy $XBASE

To acquire the $XBASE token and join our celestial adventure, simply navigate to the BaseSwap DApp and connect your wallet.

Swap your ETH for $XBASE on the BASE network, setting a course towards unexplored galaxies.

Remember to align your slippage to at least 6% – a small step in your journey with X-BASE, where every member is a vital co-pilot on our infinite voyage.

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At the core of X-BASE's tokenomics lies a principle that resonates with our galactic mission: to structure taxes in a way that fully rewards the devoted holders of $XBASE. A 5% entry charge orbits back to you through buybacks, reflections, deeper liquidity, or reduced supply, ultimately steering towards a supply shock. With X-BASE, every fraction of tax is a stellar investment, engineered to benefit our community as a whole.

We've charted a unique path, choosing to forego direct marketing and deflationary tax. Our cosmic path is illuminated by a 2% buyback fund, acting as a galactic reserve, poised to propel our marketing initiatives forward in the uncharted realms of our shared adventure. Any excess or unneeded batches at the time of buyback will be burned, like shooting stars vanishing into the cosmic void.

Join us at X-BASE, where our tokenomics is a universe of carefully crafted incentives, rewarding you as you explore with us.


To underline X-BASE's celestial commitment and long-term ambition, 2% of each transaction will fuel buybacks of the token. This cosmic reserve serves as a stabilizing force, ensuring the smooth navigation of our shared journey.


Our team's dedication extends beyond mere numbers; we invest from our own pockets when necessary. The decision not to allocate a percentage of each transaction to ourselves reflects our pledge to double support for the token price. It's a testament to our belief in X-BASE's success and our unity as a galactic community.


We chose a path without deflationary tax, focusing instead on increasing X-BASE's liquidity rather than merely creating tokens to burn them. Yet, this doesn't eclipse the deflationary nature of $XBASE. Following buybacks, the supply will contract, with select batches vanishing like distant stars.


The liquidity pool gains 2% from each transaction, reinforcing the stellar foundation of X-BASE's sustainability and the token's liquidity. It's another celestial body in our ever-expanding universe.


To reward the loyalty and sustained engagement of our cosmic explorers, holders receive 1% of each transaction as a dividend. It's our way of celebrating community unity, ensuring all members thrive in our interstellar adventure with X-BASE.


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X-BASE is an experimental DeFi token with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. It involves high risk and should be engaged with for research or entertainment purposes only.

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(%) $XBASE





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and get a chance to win 2,500,000 $XBASE

* tax not included



1. You will receive 1 entry into the contest for every 10,000 $XBASE burned.
2. The more tokens you burn, the more likely you are to win!
3. To qualify for entries, $XBASE tokens must be burned during the contest period.
4. The contest period begins on August 14 and ends when the maximum number of entries is reached.
5. To participate, simply use the input above to burn your $XBASE. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your entries are correctly counted.
6. Multiple entries are allowed, so continue to burn those tokens to increase your chances of winning!


Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received during the contest period. The more entries you have, the more likely you are to win.

Winners will be announced on our official telegram and social media channels within 2 days of the contest's conclusion.